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I have a job now. 

Prepare to be bothered with blogging and fictive writing once more. Guilt is now over since I am part of the workforce.

I’m back bitches. Get stoked. 


Getting back to my roots-

Evaluation time-

I began a Tumblr with the singular hope that it would get me to post more often. That much has come true, as this bizarre community has stirred in me the need to reblog and post as many wonderful things as I can. I’ve been mutated I tell you, and now spend a considerable amount of time trying to find new and exciting images to post. Thinking of it though, that isn’t the exact reason I wanted to start a blog in the first place. I did it so I would get in the habit of writing. Re-posting pictures of cookie dough and gold fish is not writing. It’s providing eye candy, and while I enjoy being a sugar-high dealer this blog may not be the place for it. Thusly, from now on, all images and awesome cute things will be posted here. Fortune Cookie Muse will be committed to my writings and own creative work.

A few ideas came to me recently about how to test myself creatively. I’ll share them soon, but I believe I have a commitment of 30 Things to finish. Afterwards I’ll let you in on my newest scheme. Till then bloggites!